The National Trauma Research Institute Forum

The NTRI Forum aims to improve the care of people who have, or will suffer, traumatic injury. The NTRI Forum applies collective problem-solving to important clinical or policy challenges.

We do this by:

  1. Defining the major challenges
    First, we consult with key stakeholders – representatives of health care and service delivery organisations, research funders, researchers, clinicians, policy-makers and patient representatives – to define the key challenges and understand the nature and complexities of each.
  2. Gathering and summarising all relevant information
    Second, we search for, identify and synthesise from publications and further consultation the information necessary to properly consider each challenge, and present it to stakeholders as a briefing document.  
  3. Convening stakeholder dialogue
    Third, we convene stakeholder dialogues to connect the relevant information with the people who can make change happen, harnessing expertise and different perspectives, and inspiring participants through collective problem solving. The dialogue is the centrepiece of the NTRI Forum.
  4. Supporting improvements
    Fourth, we prepare a dialogue summary, and brief the organisations and individuals that can effect change about their roles in developed strategies.

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The NTRI Forum was inspired by, and now collaborates closely with, the McMaster Health Forum, an established Canadian initiative that focuses on supporting evidence-informed health systems in Canada and internationally.
“The Forum acts as an agent of change….harnessing information, convening stakeholders and preparing action-orientated leaders to creatively meet pressing health needs.
Professor John Lavis, Director, McMaster Health Forum

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