A Best Practice Model For Risk Assessment And Management For Pressure Injuries Following Spinal Cord Injury

Executive Summary:

Pressure injuries (PIs) are a frequent secondary complication following SCI. They have substantial impacts on function, participation and quality of life. Risk assessment and management of PIs in the community is complex and challenging due to the numerous intrinsic and extrinsic factors including environmental, psychosocial, physical and behavioural factors that interact which each other.

 There is no simple, one-fit approach for the prevention and management of PIs in community dwelling people with SCI. However, there are some factors that may contribute to successful management including a multidisciplinary team, increased education and training for health providers and people with SCI, empowerment of self-management strategies and shared collaboration among stakeholders.

This NTRI Forum aimed to develop a best practice model for optimal risk assessment and management of pressure injuries in people with SCI living in the community.

Date: April 2014

  PI SCI_BD_2     PI DS

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