The Significance of Traumatic Injury

• Worldwide, injury causes 6 million deaths and 12% of the global burden of disease, and leads to 100 million hospitalisations each year;

• By 2030 road trauma will be the world’s 5th leading cause of death and 3rd leading cause of disability;

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• Every year in Australia approximately 10,000 people die from injury, 2500 suffer a significant traumatic brain injury,
  and more than 250 suffer a spinal cord injury;

• Survivors often face lengthy rehabilitation and over 600,000 Australians are living with a disability caused by injury;

• Injury costs the Australian health care system over $3.4 billion per year, and the Australian economy $18 billion per year

"Dedicated collaborative initiatives are the key to improving the care that injured people receive, ensuring better outcomes for patients and their families, and more efficient use of resources."
Professor Russell Gruen, Director, National Trauma Research Institute

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